Accountability Starts with You!

It’s true! Every time we catch ourselves complaining that somebody didn’t live to their commitments, we might automatically hold up the mirror and take a hard look at ourselves. The role of a leader and a coach, is to model strong leadership and support others to do their best work and yet, despite good intentions we often fail to deliver.

A True Story

The Key To Success: Hiring People Better Than You

The Key To Success: Hiring People Better Than You

One mistake managers can make when recruiting new staff is being too cautious and careful in their approach. Subconsciously there may be a fear of taking on a new person who could ultimately pose a threat or a challenge. It is human nature, but it is sometimes the case that managers will not want to employ an individual who could potentially challenge their position or undermine authority within the workplace.

High achievers are usually aware of their skills and talent. I have sometimes spoken to managers who are worried that someone overly ambitious and driven is going to upset the equilibrium within the workplace. They have got themselves into a position of authority and almost feel as if they have to defend it.